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High- Performance Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

Looking for the ultimate in automotive paint protection? No automotive owner wants to see their vehicle get dirty from road wash, tree sap, swirls, water spotting, UV fading, and other common environmental contaminants that it faces on a daily basis.

IGL Ceramic Coatings from VIP Surface Concepts, protects your ceramic coated surface from degradation while preserving the results of a perfect paint correction. This coating increases the surface's resistance against scratches, marring and dullness.

Get the ultimate protection, along with rich and natural glow on your vehicle. We offer the professional ceramic coatings Baton Rouge, LA locals depend on. Request a free online estimate and schedule your appointment today. 

The Many Benefits of IGL Coatings Include: 
  • Improves surface strength 

  • Glass- like finish 

  • REACH-compliant 

  • Self- Cleaning effect 

  • Safer for user and environment 

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What does IGL Ceramic Coatings Protect Against?

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What are the different package options?

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